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White kidney bean dietary fiber is an original lipophilic dietary fiber. Resistant starch and insoluble dietary fiber are extracted from white kidney beans by using a biological enzymatic hydrolysis process. White kidney bean dietary fiber is given more functionality through biological modification and purification.

White kidney bean dietary fiber, like natural dietary fiber, has excellent physiological functions, such as increasing satiety, promoting intestinal health, lowering cholesterol levels, and stabilizing postprandial blood sugar.

White kidney bean dietary fiber can reduce the absorption of fat in the intestine due to its super lipophilicity, and has better performance in weight management and lipid metabolism nutritional intervention.

White kidney bean dietary fiber was developed by Jiangnan University, the University of Georgia, and Cornell University. This technology has applied for a US patent (patent number: US 9,149,064 B2). White kidney bean dietary fiber has excellent functional properties because of its special structure.

Nano cellulose-----Compared to ordinary dietary fiber, white kidney bean dietary fiber has a larger specific surface area, accessibility and surface activity due to its unique structure.

Biologically modified hydrophobic group-white kidney bean dietary fiber has a strong ability to absorb oil and bile salts in a water-oil mixed system because of biological modification.

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