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The essence of white kidney bean extract is glycoprotein, which can inhibit the ability of α-amylase to hydrolyze starch. White kidney bean extract can form a stable complex with α-amylase through intermolecular forces such as hydrogen bonds and hydrophobic interactions. It can reduce the violent fluctuations in blood glucose levels after a meal, while regulating the release of ghrelin and improving satiety.

However, most of the existing white kidney bean extracts have the disadvantages of low vitality and poor thermal stability. We screened and obtained special white kidney beans from the main producing areas of white kidney beans in Yunnan, Guizhou, and Hebei. Then we prepared a white kidney bean extract with high inhibitory activity against α-amylase and stable properties, which was subjected to processes such as directed enzymatic hydrolysis, extraction and purification, and molecular embedding.

The product has two major advantages, one is that it has high inhibitory activity against α-amylase, and the other is that it has excellent stability to temperature.

The inhibitory activity was 7.89×105 IU/g.

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