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Avena nudaThe scientific name is naked oats, which is an oat variety that originated in China. Naked oats are rich in nutrients and have the highest protein content in cereal crops. It is the "king of hungry food" for northern nomads and mountain dwellers when climbing and wading. Naked oat protein powder is a kind of vegetable protein with a special naked oat flavor. Naked oat protein powder uses "432" naked oats with super starvation tolerance as the raw material. After the screening of key active ingredients, enrichment and protein solidification technology, natural resistant starch and vegetable protein powder with high amylase inhibitory activity are produced. Naked oat protein powder has the characteristics of Satiety + blocking + low GI, including two patented technologies.

Enrichment activity technology-enrich the resistant dextrin and amylase inhibitor contained in naked oats, which can slow down the digestion of starch by the human body.

Protein maturation technology-the use of protein to form a dense network to trap starch and fat, the complex of the three can slow down digestion and release energy for a long time.

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