who we are ?

A technology innovation company focusing on functional food and nutrition solutions.

what we do ?

Low GI functional ingredients, formulation design and production process provided for medical, nutrition and health products

how we do it ?

We continue to provide innovative functional ingredients for the market


Committed to the research, development and production of natural, healthy and safe functional raw materials, to provide customers with long-term technology and product services

Suzhou Longhelp Nutrition Technology Co., Ltd. is a nutrition technology company composed of a team of professors from universities at home and abroad, a team of chief doctors from hospitals and marketing personnel.Relying on national engineering research center for functional food of human evaluation center, jiangnan university, jiangnan university affiliated hospital clinical evaluation center, functional food joint is an international leader in the digestion, absorption and detection of the university of Georgia Fanbin food digestion and absorption research centre, professor Kong, Cornell university Abbaspourrad blood glucose testing center and Zhong professor Zhang, focus on medical and nutrition products research and low GI product ingredients .

The main business of the enterprise is the research and development, sales and application solutions of functional food raw materials and nutrient raw materials.In the new era of health industry development situation, we hope that through the wonderful imagination, scientific insight and fast execution, to provide more health solutions for the life we love.

Suzhou Longhelp Nutrition Technology Co., Ltd. has established a complete and strict quality management system from raw material selection, purchase inspection, production process control, finished product quality inspection to finished product storage, transportation, customer feedback and other links.Through standardization, automation, information digital control extraction process and online monitoring system, to ensure the traceability of each batch of products.
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