Wheat Hydrolyzed Protein

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Wheat Hydrolyzed Protein

Wheat hydrolyzed protein selects non-GMO wheat, using a unique multi-step enzymatic hydrolysis patented technology (patent number: ZL201410753925.3, a method for preparing complex peptide products with high glutamine millamine binding peptide content), and the functional protein obtained by processing, isolation and purification.


Three Characteristics of

Wheat Hydrolyzed Protein

         A Good Flavor   


Deliciousness is an important attribute of food

Under the trend of food diversification and health, deliciousness has become an important attribute of food. HWP wheat protein as an ingredient has a good neutral taste, natural roasted aroma, and stable flavor. The application effect of protein in various foods has been well improved.

Unique neutral taste

Unlike soy protein, which has an unavoidable beanyy taste, HWP wheat protein does not contain undesirable flavors. In addition, HWP wheat protein has a unique neutral taste that distinguishes it from all wheat proteins on the market, without bitterness, astringency and saltiness.

Non-added baking aroma

The unique processing technology gives HWP wheat protein with zero added flavor a natural baking flavor.

Consistent flavor

Abnormal flavor changes are often produced during the processing of protein due to the instability of raw materials and processing conditions, and HWP has achieved stable and consistent flavor quality through multiple special processes for flavor.

B Natural Glutamine

The natural glutamine content in wheat hydrolyzed prot

ein is 2-3 times that of other protein varieties

Compared to synthetic glutamine used in drugs, wheat

hydrolyzed protein is natural glutamine Gln

Glutamine will be degraded simultaneously in the prepa

ration of wheat hydrolyzed protein, Longhelp wheat hy

drolyzed protein adopts unique multi-step enzymatic hy

drolysis technology and special enzymes, completely re

tains the glutamine in wheat protein, is a green alterna

tive to synthetic glutamine.

Glutamine-binding peptide content in wheat hydrolyzed protein ≥ 35%


Glutamine is metabolized in the body and its important physiological roles:

Relieves fatigue and recovers after exercise~

Builds muscles, powerful action

An important fuel for the immune system

The brain's source of energy

The basic energy source of the gastrointestinal control cells plays a very important role in maintaining the integrity of the epithelial structure of the intestinal mucosa.

C Protein,Low AA and ash

After processing, the protein content, solubility, digestibility, peptide content and glutamine-bound peptide content of wheat hydrolyzed protein are increased and improved, which is more suitable for the processing requirements of modern food industry.


Health Benefits of Wheat Hydrolyzed Protein

Provides Satiety and Aids Weight Management

Protein is more satiety than carbohydrates and fats. The weight loss program of high-protein diet intervention had obvious weight loss effects in practice, and there was no obvious hunger compared with low-carb diet.


Human sensory assessment test of water-soluble wheat protein satiety,2009

Improve Immune Function and Maintain Gastrointestinal Health

Glutamine in wheat hydrolyzed protein plays a very important role in human metabolism. It is the fuel of the immune system!


Glutamine can also metabolize essential nutrients for gastrointestinal mucosal cells; It can maintain the epithelial structure of the intestinal mucosa, enhance the activity of intestinal cells, improve the intestinal immune function, and reduce intestinal bacteria and endotoxin ectopia


Glutamine has a positive effect on treatment outcomes

Reduce Infection Rates

Infection incidence was reduced in multitraumatic patie

nts who consumed glutamine-rich diets (Wilmore DW,

2001) Example: 30 g/day Glutamine = > Trauma patients

suffer significantly less from pneumonia, bacteremia,

and sepsis (Griffiths et al., 2004)

Can reduce postoperative negative nitrogen balance,

For example, those patients after elective surgery (Tapiero et al., 2002; Wilmore DW, 2001)

Shorten the length of hospital stay:

Glutamine supplementation reduced hospital stay by an average of 4 days (Wilmore DW., 2001; Jiang et al., 2004)


The use of glutamyl amide significantly reduced peripheral neuropathy caused by the anti-cancer drug paclitaxel,Vahdat,2001

Gain Muscle and Fight Fatigue

01Repair of Skeletal Muscle


Consuming Protein After Exercise can Increase Muscle Mass

02Filled with Muscle Glycogen after Exercise


Protein intake after exercise favors glycogen synthesis of blood glucose

03Synthesis of Muscles

Compared to consuming intact protein, wheat hydrolyzed protein can accelerate protein digestion and intestinal absorption because they can be directly absorbed and long-chain peptides will first be further hydrolyzed enzymatically at the location of intestinal epithelial cells. Therefore, the body can use the increase in amino acids after meals to increase the rate of protein synthesis in skeletal muscle. There is growing evidence that wheat hydrolyzed protein is beneficial for accelerating muscle building in athletes and the elderly.


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