White kidney bean dietary fiber

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What is white kidney bean dietary fiber

White kidney bean dietary fiber is an original lipophilic dietary fiber.High-quality white kidney beans are selected to extract resistant starch and insoluble dietary fiber by biological enzymatic hydrolysis   process, and more functional dietary fiber is given to white kidney beans through biological modification and purification.

White kidney bean dietary fiber is jointly developed by the Sino-US joint laboratory composed of Jiangnan University, the University of Georgia

and Cornell University, and this technology has obtained a US patent (patent number: US 9,149,064 B2). The special structure of white kidney

bean dietary fiber makes it unique.




Characteristics of white kidney bean dietary fiber

All are dietary fiber, not all dietary fiber can absorb oil. The lipophilic properties of white kidney bean dietary fiber have a lot to do with its structure.

Nanoscale cellulose-----Compared with general dietary fiber, the unique nanostructure of white kidney bean dietary fiber has greater specific surface area, accessibility and surface activity;

Biomodified hydrophobic groups------Through biomodification, white kidney bean dietary fiber has a strong ability to adsorb oil and bile salts in a water-oil mixing system


Nanocellulose fibers(a)and Plain cellulose(b)

White kidney bean dietary fiber can strongly adsorb oil and reduce the absorption of dietary fat in the intestine; Reduce serum cholesterol and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease; Adsorbs bile acids, inhibits the reabsorption of bile acids in the intestine, accelerates the decomposition of cholesterol in the body, and effectively reduces the content of cholesterol in human serum and liver.


Dietary fiber that absorbs oil

Under the acidic condition of gastric juice, white kidney bean dietary fiber absorbs water and expands, and the specific surface area increases instantaneously. Fats, fatty acids, and bile salts entering the stomach are adsorbed by electrostatic action. When the white kidney bean fiber-oil complex enters the duodenum, due to changes in the pH environment, the complex forms a precipitate and is excreted, thereby reducing the body's absorption of oil.


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