Congratulations to Longhelp Nutrition Technology Co., Ltd. for entering the high-tech enterprise

Issuing time:2021-08-13 13:43

Suzhou Longhelp Nutrition Technology Co., Ltd. is a nutrition technology company composed of a team of professors from domestic and foreign universities, a team of doctors and marketing personnel of a third-class hospital, and its main business is the research and development, sales and application solution services of functional food raw materials and nutrient raw materials. At present, the raw materials that have been launched are: white kidney bean fiber powder, white kidney bean extract, wheat protein powder, buckwheat protein powder and other characteristic raw materials. In the new era of health industry development, we hope to provide more health solutions for the life we love through wonderful imagination, scientific insight and fast execution.


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Address: Room 1107, No. 2000, Majian Road, High-tech Zone, Suzhou City

Sales Department Tel:18068353866

Technical Department Tel:18168861235


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