Weight loss trilogy, showing a new era

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Can't control the mouth, how to be thin?

Work overtime, stay up late, party and feast

LonghelpFood engineers customized exclusive slimming solutions for different scenarios.

Satisfying consumers

Eat while thinning


Suck off the oil you don't want

When friends gather for dinner, the temptation of food inevitably can't suppress the chopsticks in your hand. These delicacies contain a lot of saturated fat, super high calories, satisfying the stomach, and regretting it the next day. Why not have a cup of white kidney bean dietary fiber before eating these big meals? Enjoy delicious flavors that block fat absorption.


The formula is carefully researched and the advantages are clear

Two patented advantages create strong oil absorption characteristics.

Nanoscale cellulose:

Unique nanostructures have greater specific surface area and surface activity

Biomodified hydrophobic groups:

In the water-oil mixing system, it has a strong ability to adsorb grease and bile salts


Nanocellulose fibers(a)Plain cellulose(b)

Prevents starch absorption

Healthy weight loss starts with low carbon, and beauty starts with quitting sugar. Not changing your diet and reducing glucose into the bloodstream by preventing starch from being absorbed sounds like a weight-loss regimen without burden. White kidney bean extract is rich in highly active amylase inhibitors, which easily block starch absorption.


Liberate foodies and refuse staple fat

The active ingredient in white kidney bean extract, also known as α-amylase inhibitor, is a pure natural bioactive substance, which has a strong inhibitory effect on the α-amylase of the pancreas and saliva, and can effectively block the decomposition of starch in food in the human body.



Resistant to hunger and carrying the handle

After the feast, many people have a repentant heart. A light fast the next day, meal replacements are a good choice. Compared with the traditional hunger, meal replacement has the characteristics of hunger tolerance and balanced nutrition.


A satiety meal replacement weapon, no "belly" burden from now on

432 buckwheat protein powder, a super-starvation resistant buckwheat variety screened from more than 20 varieties and more than 2,000 samples from 40 production areas. Through the secondary screening of key components, enrichment and maturation, and finally become a satiety meal replacement weapon.


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