Longhelp Nutrition debuted at FIA to start the journey of plant health

Issuing time:2021-06-30 14:24

On June 23-25, Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, Suzhou Longbang Nutrition Technology Co., Ltd. successfully unveiled at the 23rd China Exhibition of Health Raw Materials and Food Ingredients. At the booth for three consecutive days, Longbang Nutrition brought four functional ingredients to customers, including white kidney bean fiber powder, white kidney bean extract, buckwheat protein powder, wheat protein powder, and launched star application products such as meal savior, satiety meal replacement, functional gummies, sparkling water, whole grain biscuits, bread and so on.


Longhelp Nutrition launched white kidney bean fiber powder series products~~

Feast Savior Series! High eating is not fat, it is worth having! White kidney bean fiber powder --- little master of oil absorption


Longhelp Nutrition launched a series of products with buckwheat protein powder~~

Full stomach carrying handle ~ Northwest pure domestic top goods, satiety UPUPUP, buckwheat protein stands out from many grains~


Longhelp Nutrition launched a series of wheat protein immune products~~

Wheat hydrolyzed protein natural glutamine-binding peptides improve intestinal microecology and enhance immunity!


Longhelp Nutrition launched white kidney bean extract anti-sugar careful machine series products~~

White kidney bean extract Highly viable, heat-resistant amylase inhibitor. Dry rice man, dry rice soul, block starch, I can do it!


Meet new people, do not forget old friends, we meet FIA every year, make progress together, and are committed to providing customers and consumers with real health products。


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